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Updated: Sep 16, 2020

What if i told you that the Federal Government and social media are exactly alike.

“Wait a minute!” Government is clunky, slow to respond and terrible at implementing new technology.

Social media is sharp, nimble and are blazing the trail in technology & our digital lives.

Fair enough.

But here’s the reality.

Slavery, Jim Crow laws and the Federal Reserve… are all vestiges of the federal government. The problem so to speak. Now we demand, that the government, who we all agree, were a major part of the problem… be the solution. Whether reparations, guaranteed student loans, or food stamps for hungry children. We look to our elected leaders for remedies to society’s ills.

For information and context, Social Media has snatched the baton from a limping Cable News system.

Memes, Instavids, podcasters and YouTubers are driving political discourse.


But politics is downstream from culture. And we are filtering information through an increasingly omnipresent set of social media platforms. Do I really need to name them.

At this moment the narrative is all wrong. While protests are an important part of our fundamental freedoms, mob mentality, cancel culture and doxing have spilled out into the streets in the form of unhinged violence, riots, shootings and destruction.

Policy Brutality is real. But America only works if there’s some agreement on social norms and the rule of law. Common Courtesy and Police... two more institutions crumbling under their own weight.

The federal government must restore some semblance of control, to lead a path forward. Or the American experiment is over.

It's also hard to imagine any major ideas taking hold in the 21st Century without some clever memes and a bunch of badass YouTube vids. Social Media is not going away anytime soon.

But come November 4th we’re not going to know who won the election.

Take a deep breath. Stay calm and stop looking at Twitter, TikTok or any outside source to fix internal issues.

And remember... sometimes less is more.

Big Daddy government has solved exactly ZERO problems facing the American people.

Social Media has served mainly as a kerosene sprinkler on the dumpster fire of bad ideas.

Government and Social Media… the problem and the solution.

I can’t see a way forward without both.

Can you?

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