• Freddy J

Here We Go!

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

After realizing i'd been wearing headphones for about four hours this past weekend I had two thoughts. First... Is it possible I've been a radio guy working in television my whole life? And second, I should really pay more attention to my children.

For much of the last decade I've watched the world go crazy from the sidelines. But while the news media I once revered spiraled... something exciting has happened online. A new medium was born. Podcasting.

Inside lie all the beauty of entertainment, education and my personal favorite. exploration. Ideas and stories are my passions. But rest assured whatever you're into, someone else is too.

Live Learn Repeat is the show I always wanted to do when i was a journalist. A place where I could explore ideas, test myself, and learn from others who know more than me.

The beauty of the digital age is simply this. There are no barriers to entry. No limits on time or ideas. No reason why this podcast won't be the best thing you listen to all day.

I'm out of excuses. So here we go.

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