• Freddy J

Damned if you Do, Damned if you Don't

I'm going to complain. Because... Waaaaah! I'm angry. I'm frustrated and "Dang It!" I am part of the problem. I find myself daydreaming all day long, secret fantasies of engaging with ideas and political discourse amongst nuanced intellectuals hungry for the same engagement.

Then I go to my podcast feed and see... 12 downloads in the last week. My social media accuses me of being a "Troglodyte" libertarian and a secret republican. And my intentions are merely to get clicks. (Which I suppose is partly true)

But getting over my butt hurt, or the fact that I've never voted for a Republican candidate in my life (YET) I just don't know how to engage. How to expand the pool. After year of podcasting and two straight weeks of political theater... I'm still struck at just how incredibly stuck the United States of America is right now. And I'm absolutely sure that there has to be tens of millions of Americans who are over this red team, blue team bullshit.

How do I find them?

How can I engage them?

How do I rally them?

How do we build a new coalition that topples this political duopoly that looks more and more like a Monopoly every day.

Without the cesspool that is Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

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