Democrats, Republicans & Mainstream Media all have one thing in common. They've all failed the public they're tasked with serving. So much of what passes for news today is nothing more than virtue signaling, bullying and reading from a teleprompter. While our Federal Government has morphed into a massive machine hell-bent on preserving itself, and the system that we all agree is broken. But good ideas can come from all sides...  so can bad ones. 
In a nation of 330 million people of all races, religions and ethnicities, it seems ridiculous to think that two political parties can possibly represent a broad range of our ideas accurately. Especially if the general consensus is true: Politicians are bought and paid for by"special interest" groups
Add to that a media machine concerned only with access and quarterly profits, social media in a constant state adolescent outrage and you end up with a hot mess. There's no room for nuance. No room to hold varied opinions. Worst of all, there's no options. Left or Right? Liberal or Conservative? Blue or Red?
I've got no business starting a podcast at this point in my life. I also have the audacity to hold opposing views on a single topic... in my one puny brain.
I don't want to be right. I want to learn.
I want to challenge the status quo, dive into ideas and hear others across the political spectrum. Encouraging  debate, discussions, and ultimately dialectic. (Google it. I didn't know what it meant either)  
Culture, technology, food, art and so many other aspects of our lives are often demonized or worshipped. Whether you're talking about bread, smartphones or the very way in which we learn, we often find ourselves clinging to outdated, over-hyped ideas.
Not here.
It's easy to be a critic. The goal is here is to dig deep and get to some solutions or at least some understanding. I'll do that the only way I know how. Telling stories, creating content and learning from others.  I stand on the shoulders of giants.  
So that's where we'll start. Listen, share and subscribe to our podcast right now. The best idea wins here. 
Live. Learn. Repeat.