A podcast dedicated to Free Speech and the honest exchange of ideas and information. 
Critical thinking, technology & debate harnessed to create... that "More Perfect Union."  Dialectic for the Digital Age. 
Somewhere along the way we got confused. Freedom has never been free. Our rights exact a price. Be it blood, plunder or the illusive notion of security, we all pay someway. 
I believe in the rights of all individuals. I believe the market is an engine of innovation. I believe that voices in the marketplace of ideas should never be stifled completely. Because Sunlight is the best disinfectant for bad ideas, not de-platforming or setting fire to Starbucks.  
I also believe that the The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the greatest governing documents ever. Surely packed with wisdom and our inalienable rights. But they were written by men who wore wigs, wrote with feathers and owned slaves.
No System is perfect. 
Times have changed. 
Media has changed. 
It's time for our political institutions to change as well. Along with the way we frame issues. Turning everyone who disagrees with you into a monster is completely pointless. And exhausting. 
It's time view the world through the lens of Liberty.  To see nuance where others see demons. To take a long look in the mirror. To Explore ideas. And most important, to stand for something, not simply against obvious evils. 
That means testing ideas. Digging in. Getting there will be fun if you're willing to  be a bit uncomfortable.  
The mantra here is simple.  
Live. Learn. Repeat.